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Firefly PRO is how we present the results of all our bespoke KOL identification and mapping research. Firefly PRO integrates and blends together multiple data sources and multiple research methodologies to give you a single coherent picture of the entire KOL landscape, addressing all levels of the KOL pyramid.

KOL Mapping

Successful KOL identification is about identifying anyone with the potential to impact your work - clinicians, authors, speakers, nurses, tweeters, or the medics building cutting edge apps for their patients.

KOL mapping helps you to see the connections, collaborations, and networks that exist within that community of Experts, giving you a complete contextual picture of the Expert/KOL landscape — a canvas on which to create your own unique KOL programmes.

And Firefly PRO is how we deliver the results of such identification and mapping exercises, giving you a granular, high definition map of your entire KOL landscape.

(And the use of a G-map motif to illustrate granularity? No idea. Mike just likes to explore digital maps while listening to drum & bass and mining crypto. Ah the innovative youth of today.)


Packed with an amazing array of functions and features, Firefly PRO lets you explore the KOL landscape in many different ways, thus allowing you to fully harness all the different research strands that power the beast.


What powers your Firefly PRO?

It’s not a high spec AWS cloud server with elastic provisioning or a pretty front end (those are standard), it’s the fact that the knowledge in your Firefly PRO is derived from and driven by a range of powerful identification and mapping methodologies working together synergistically.

In addition to quantitative and qualitative research, we can include behavioural/mindset research, health model/system research, digital social activity, and even your internal knowledge from your global and affiliate teams – all of them working in harmony to help you create the perfect KOL map, analysed and visualised through Firefly PRO.

Want the ‘View from Above’ through research with KOLs? You got it. Want the ‘View from Below’ through research with practising clinicians? You got it. Want to integrate an existing list and validate it? You got it. Identification based on scientific messaging? You got it. Claims data and Sunshine data integration? You got it.


When people talk about “topics” within a KOL database, they virtually always always always refer to publications that match specific MeSH terms. (“OK Boomer, that’s so 1990s”, as Mike would say).

When we talk about “topics” we mean the ability to find experts on topics that are so specific and unique to your needs, that don’t even have MeSH terms.

For example if you are were looking for experts on “switching from therapy A to therapy B after first-line failure”, you can find them in Firefly PRO. It’s a whole new level of KOL insight.

This illustration of “topics” given here is just one example of the ability to see your KOL landscape with detail that is unique to your needs. And unique to Firefly PRO.


If you have worked extensively with KOLs, you will know that this statement is not controversial: there is no ‘right’ list of top KOLs.

When we present our research to clients, there is always discussion and debate. Within the room, everyone has their own ideas about the top KOLs, sometimes driven by previous interactions or judgements. (And sometimes not!). Furthermore, the right KOL for some people in the room is not necessarily the right one for others, who may have different needs for which they want a very particular type of person.

Our role is to present the results of a multi-modal research project - not just a fixed quantitative view - that can be replicated to give you exactly the same results (a sound test of any project), and that is powered enough to give you data with meaning and value. Our role is to present the evidence, discuss, debate, and get everyone going to the direction of ‘the right KOL for the right need’.

Firefly PRO is how we present all this.


Three important things about influence.

  • Just because KOL A works with KOL B, doesn’t mean they influence each other! Influence is much more than connectivity and collaboration. It’s about belief, respect, and impact.
  • No single graphic can answer all the questions you may have on “influence”. That’s why we have a multitude of visuals to answer different questions. Slide through to see examples.
  • Our Mike (the one who interrupts our text with various comments) is apparently very influential in the drum & bass scene. His opinions carry weight. Yet he’s never actually released a track. See what we mean about “influence”…


Firefly PRO is a highly curated product. Sure, there is a bucketload of technology, APIs to data sources, scraping of congress abstracts, a few algo’s here and there, etc., But it’s the medical-led curation that moves everything up one significant level. Slide through to see examples of curation in action.


It’s not common for a vendor to admit that its solution has limitations. But then, we are an uncommon vendor!

Firefly PRO is not for everyone.

If you need a multi-modal KOL mapping exercise that’s specifically designed and powered to find all the people that are going to seriously impact the success of your brand, and that’s delivered through a beautiful interactive tool, then we believe Firefly PRO is the world’s best.

But if instead at this point in your work you only need a generic, one-size-fits-all, syndicated KOL database driven by publicly available quant data (publication, congresses, trials etc), then no worries - because we have one of those too. And it’s free to use. Check out Firefly CORE.

Firefly PRO is a focussed tool, created and built for one specific job. Yours. And it aims to be the best tool for the job.

Firefly Family

  • Firefly CORE is our entry-level, real-time, free-to-use, syndicated KOL database product, where multiple clients access the same CORE data.
  • Firefly PRO is our innovative KOL mapping results platform containing every single KOL data point and insight gathered from your multi-modal KOL mapping exercise.
  • Firefly LUX is our ultimate premium-level KOL database focussed solely on helping you engage with the most important global KOLs. Sometimes only a trip to Tiffany’s will do.

System Analytic

For over a decade now we've been coming up with innovation after innovation to help our clients navigate their KOL landscape. In fact, you can find a comprehensive record of our innovation history going back years in our Innovation Blog !

We have also learned to appreciate the nuances and applicability of different methodologies having tried each hundreds of times in virtually every situation you could think of.

Finally, we have the resources and backing of WPP which gives us access to all the capabilities and reach of the world’s largest agency network comprising 200,000 people in over 100 countries.

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