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Firefly CORE is an amazing quant-driven KOL database powered by a mass of hard data (publications, congresses, editorial boards, etc), overlaid with a wealth of analytics.

With one small difference when compared to all the other syndicated* KOL database offerings – Firefly CORE is free to use.

(*Syndicated KOL Databases are where multiple clients access the same CORE data, typically using a subscription model. The database is open to any company to subscribe)


When we build a Firefly CORE in a therapy area, we taken into account the entire landscape comprising all the relevant domains, at the very minimum.

And we do things properly - for example, in the syndicated Lung Cancer Firefly CORE database we analyse x thousand publications. So you see, no half measures from our side. And that’s why Firefly CORE gives you the full picture.


  • Identify the top Experts based on a variety of metrics
  • Find top Experts active in publications, guidelines, etc.
  • See the top Authors, top Speakers
  • See anyone's network and collaborations
  • Find Experts based on Major and Minor MeSH Terms
  • Explore linkages between Experts
  • Find Experts based on topic keywords and free-text search terms
  • Identify Experts active in important organisational roles
  • See competitor disclosure and payment data for top Experts


We’ve got a wealth of proprietary technology and analytics that we apply to our databases. But Firefly CORE is not purely a bot-driven, data-scraping, number-crunching machine. (although parts of it definitely are!)

Like all our products, Firefly CORE is an offering curated by specialists. That’s because Firefly CORE requires experienced medics and researchers to look at congress abstracts and tag them to specific topics to your needs; it takes intelligent input to make inferences on disclosure data so you can see exactly who is working for your competitors and in what capacity; and it takes humans to engender a dash of love in the work we produce (at least for the moment!).


You can, if you need to, take the free-to-use Firefly CORE and overlay it with an astonishing array of optional (chargeable) data, research, and analytical add-ons to build a completely customised KOL database, giving you the exact level of granularity you need. All without spending a penny more than you need to.


Not much to say here really because to use Firefly CORE, it’s going to cost you…well, zilch! That’s about it.

(All this white space – it’s good design apparently, says Mike.)


If you are familiar with System Analytic you know that “Zero Risk” is how we like to roll.

And given that all we’ve done since our inception is work with KOLs and Experts, we are totally familiar, compliant, and on top of the myriad of ever expanding global and national data privacy regulations. e.g. the growing list of countries where you cannot include an HCP in a global database (even if the database is by publicly available data) without some degree of consent

That’s why everyone with significant data in your Firefly CORE will have received a privacy notice.


  • It’s not common for a vendor to admit that its solution has limitations. But then, we are an uncommon vendor!
  • A quant-driven syndicated database like ours, no matter how comprehensive, gives you only limited data on “influence” e.g. it doesn’t tell you whether a single message from a particular KOL will cascade through and be actually acted on by the HCP masses. 
  • It’s very difficult to identify specific cohorts such as Rising Stars based on quant data alone. Please trust us when we say you can’t simply say that “someone whose publications are increasing” is a Rising Star!
  • KOL nuances aren’t always captured effectively e.g. a KOL might be near-retirement and not very active in terms of publications and speaking, so they may not feature highly in a traditional quant ranking, but they may still have significant impact on other KOLs
  • Truth - it’s a refreshing concept.


  • Pedro (important Pharma person):

    Hold on, my syndicated KOL database vendor is charging me for data that is essentially now a commodity? And, more importantly, freely available on the Internet? What the…?!

  • Mike (regular System Analytic person):


  • Pedro:

    So can you do something about this?

  • Mike:


  • Pedro:

    Can you do it now?

  • Mike:



Looks cool doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

Firefly CORE is updated regularly and gets to you through the power and magic of your browser. Unlimited users, unlimited access.

Firefly CORE may occasionally serve up discrete adverts (it’s a free service after all!), but only for System Analytic and other WPP companies and services.

Firefly CORE works best with substantial data sets that are curated by our research team, so we won’t have anything instantaneous in all areas. But we’ll will happily work with you to create one.

Firefly Family

  • Firefly CORE is our entry-level, real-time, free-to-use, syndicated KOL database product, where multiple clients access the same CORE data.
  • Firefly PRO is our innovative KOL mapping results platform containing every single KOL data point and insight gathered from your multi-modal KOL mapping exercise.
  • Firefly LUX is our ultimate premium-level KOL database focussed solely on helping you engage with the most important global KOLs. Sometimes only a trip to Tiffany’s will do.

System Analytic

Did someone in our company wake up one day and think “we should really boost the world of KOL management by creative some innovative tools”? Yes, yes we did. But that was several years ago!

We love good strategy, including the late great Clayton Christensen’s original ideas on disruptive innovation where a market can be transformed by introducing simplicity, convenience, accessibility, and affordability. This also means is that we disrupt ourselves. It’s the best way to be the best vendor one can.

We also have the resources and backing of WPP which gives us access to all the capabilities and reach of the world’s largest agency network comprising 200,000 people in over 100 countries.

Want to see for yourself how Firefly CORE can support your KOL needs?

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