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If you need to engage deeply with a select group of a hundred or so KOLs who are going to affect the future of your medicine dramatically, then Firefly LUX is for you. If you appreciate that sometimes only a trip to Tiffany’s will do, then this is for you.

What is it?

Firefly LUX is quite a special KOL database. It usually contains a maximum of 100 people. These people, arrived at in close discussion with you, are the most important people that can affect the success of your brand.

The magical 100 can be a mix of top global KOLs, key decision-makers, maybe even some Rising Stars and a few digital KOLs. These are the people that you will interact with regularly. These are the people that are going to drive your strategy forwards. These are the people that really matter.

Firefly LUX is specifically designed to help you identify, understand, and engage continually with these CORE KOLs. It’s dedicated completely to them, and them alone.

What it isn’t?

Firefly LUX is not a comprehensive KOL database that tells you everything about everyone. (Partly because it doesn’t contain “everyone”).

It doesn’t give you a contextual map of the entire KOL pyramid, nor can it act as the single bespoke resource for all your global and national teams. It doesn’t contain an abundance of functionality and tools to help you slice & dice the KOL landscape in many different ways.

Firefly LUX cannot help you shortlist experts from a long list of thousands. It can’t identify the top 100 local HCPs in China that you should be working with, and it won’t tell you the most active speakers.

There’s a lot that Firefly LUX doesn’t have. But what it does have, no one else in the world does.

(But if what you want is a comprehensive KOL database, a contextual map, thousands of experts, and a plethora of interactive features, no problem! For that, we have Firefly PRO!)

Why is it?

In our extensive experience gathered over a decade of working with clients and KOLs, we’ve often found that global and US teams tend to eventually end up with a focused pool of CORE KOLs – the people that matter.

Such teams get to a point in their life cycle where their entire focus is on this group. They’ve done the identification, they’ve done the mapping, they’ve validated, cross-referenced and shortlisted internally and externally, and arrived at a group of people that they want to engage with proactively and keep track of daily.

And now they need to understand this group far beyond what any traditional KOL database can give them. Knowing the number of publications that one specific KOL has is not enough – in fact, it’s probably 37th in the list of most important things that the team need to know. There are 36 more important facets that are going to guide their understanding and engagement.

Firefly LUX serves this precise purpose.

What’s in it?

Firefly LUX contains everything you need to know to help you engage with the top CORE KOLs – the magical 100.

It contains information, insights, and knowledge on KOLs that you simply will not find anywhere else. And that’s partly because it’s a KOL database built with the close cooperation of KOLs themselves. This cooperation is also fully reflected in the data privacy and consent status.

In terms of engagement, Firefly LUX will tell you who exactly you should engage with, through which activity, and through which vehicles – all justified and driven by hard evidence.

Real-time KOL profiles with all the usual data is simply the starting point. On top of that, we begin to place more layers of insights: what activities are they most suitable for, how do their peers see them, how do they want to work with you, how influential are they, what did they do last week, what do they want to work on next year, what is their geographical reach, etc.

How’s it built?

The first step is arriving at the people who should be in your Firefly LUX. This is done through a co-creative process which may involve additional identification and mapping to either fill in any knowledge gaps, or if you need guidance because you are starting your list from scratch.

Then the fun starts. Because then we have to conduct a mass of research across many different dimensions to make the list come alive. And we have to do so with the mindset of “engagement”.

Firefly LUX is designed as a resource that you would refer to often, and from where you would set up automated feeds to keep you updated of on-going developments.

How much?

Remember when you bought that top of the range 7-series BMW which, at the touch of the button on your phone, can automatically start itself, warm up the seats to your desired temperature, drive out of your garage to your front door, and have your favourite radio station playing for you, just waiting for you to step in? And then it can pretty much self-drive you to the spa?

Well, Firefly LUX is the same. Sort of.

(And if you prefer Mercedes: remember when you bought that top of the range S-class, which at the touch of the button on your phone, can automatically…)

Firefly Family

  • Firefly CORE is our entry-level, real-time, free-to-use, syndicated KOL database product, where multiple clients access the same CORE data.
  • Firefly PRO is our innovative KOL mapping results platform containing every single KOL data point and insight gathered from your multi-modal KOL mapping exercise.
  • Firefly LUX is our ultimate premium-level KOL database focussed solely on helping you engage with the most important global KOLs. Sometimes only a trip to Tiffany’s will do.


Given that all we do, all day, every day, is help our clients to identify, understand, and engage with their KOLs, we know this universe well. We know how our clients think about KOLs, what they want to know about them, how they engage them, and how having the right platform to help them do all these things matters. A lot.

It’s all this experience and expertise that’s led us to create a family of Firefly solutions to meet the varying needs of our clients. And Firefly LUX is exactly one of those – designed from the ground up to meet a very precise need, in the best possible way.

As the head of a large mining company is reputed to have once said: ““Mission, vision and company values are all very well, but the only thing that matters when you’re working a mile underground in challenging conditions is whether the drill you’re holding in your hands is the best drill ever made."

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