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HCP Portal

With all roads leading to digital, the collaboration between HCPs and pharma companies can effectively be managed through an HCP Portal – a digital collaboration tool where health care professionals and pharma companies can interact throughout the HCP workflow.

What Is An HCP Portal?

Let’s be clear - an HCP Portal is not a marketing platform or a conduit for promotion. We refer to the HCP Portal as a practical, critical, compliant tool to support the Pharma-HCP interaction cycle, from initial contracting all the way to payment, an end-to-end solution.

Where Can Such A Portal Help?

The HCP Portal should therefore support and facilitate all the activities that constitute the end-to-end contract-to-pay process. These include:

In the context of what an HCP Portal can help with, the above list is by no means exhaustive! In fact, they barely begin to scratch the surface. Each one of the above points can be expanded further in detail with subroutines and sub-sub routines galore, and an effective HCP Portal should be able to manage all of these throughout the contract-to-pay cycle

How To Ensure HCP Portal Success?

There are two important considerations that can help ensure that your project does not go the way that large complex IT projects often do – over budget, out of time, and not fit for purpose.

The first consideration involves flexibility. The HCP Portal must be able to accommodate the unique needs of all your key markets, in all various combinations, covering many different types of engagements, from contract-to-pay. Each markets/user must view the HCP Portal as a simple, effective, supportive tool that perfectly matches their unique needs. Without this flexibility, an HCP Portal rapidly loses its value, and grinds to a halt.

The second consideration involves the user experience, not just from the point of view of the pharmaceutical user, but also the HCP user. The experience should be balanced to serve both these stakeholders – a challenging proposition given the different needs, even though both are bound by the same shared workflow to an extent.

Why Should The Health Care Professional Sit At The Heart Of The HCP Portal?

When we presented at the Managing HCP Interactions conference on “Unifying the End-to-End Workflow”, we raised the idea of building the entire contract-to-pay digital platform (the HCP Portal) around the one constant that applies throughout the workflow: the HCP.

The justification for taking such an approach is overwhelming. For example, consider just the initial stages of planning an interaction with a health care professional – even at this early stage you will need to know the HCP’s availability, collaboration preferences, payment & consulting caps, any potential conflicts they may have, travel restrictions, etc. All of these require direct HCP input.

So why don’t we get them involved as early as possible? Why can’t they become an integral part of the HCP Portal workflow right from the start? Why can’t they participate proactively in, what is after all, their own contract-to-pay workflow?

But more often than not, an HCP Portal is designed with the pharma companies’ workflow as the main motivation.

If you are designing a portal for your customers to buy luxury hand-made shoes, you wouldn’t design the site based solely on your logistical or supply-chain requirements, would you?

Our proposition therefore is that technology can truly transform the contract-to-pay experience, but only with the HCP at the heart of it all, not treated as an afterthought.

Because utilizing technology to align CRM, FMV, Transfer of Value, Privacy/Consent, Caps, Contracting, Approvals, and all the other myriad of compliance, regulatory, and transparency necessities into a single HCP end-to-end / contract-to-pay workflow must surely involve the single constant of that workflow – the HCP.

Now doesn’t that sound like effective HCP engagement through an effective HCP Portal?

Our Superfly End-to-End Solution

If you’re getting the feeling that we know what we’re talking about, it’s because we do. System Analytic have been singularly focussed on improving the efficiency and efficacy of the KOL/HCP Engagement Cycle, a process spanning from identifying the right people to work with and managing operations and contractual components, all the way to reporting on engagements as individuals and as groups and using data derived from this cycle to help improve and drive engagements forward.

A decade of experience has enabled us to create HCP/KOL solutions to commonly shared pains that pharma teams experience during the contract-to-pay process.

Superfly, our HCP/KOL management platform, provides a painless and cost-effective answer to the problem of efficient and effective engagement and management with all your external stakeholders, an integrated HCP Portal.

HCP Portal – a practical compliant platform to support the entire Pharma-HCP interaction cycle