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Even. More. Awesome.

SkyBoard is a virtual engagement platform designed to help you connect with the most important people in your world - KOLs, HCPs, nurses or patients - and engage them in advisory, research, and educational activities.


Pharma teams use SkyBoard to bring together groups of participants no matter where they are in the world to run virtual advisory boards and other digital events (whenever, wherever, just as Shakira would have wanted, says Mike).

SkyBoard is incredibly flexible, super scalable, and extremely cost-effective. And most importantly of all, participants love it (more on that later).

If you’re new to the world of virtual advisory boards, click here to view our information page on everything you should know about implementing and running virtual advisory boards.

Key Features

Present Your Content

Present any type of content (slides, videos, data charts, etc) to your participants within SkyBoard for discussion or review.

Engage In Discussion

Start discussion topics around key issues and presentation, show data/content on which participants can comment individually and as a group using discussion board functions.

Conduct Surveys/Polls

Present surveys & polls, link with any content or discussion within SkyBoard, share anonymised results with participants, get feedback and commentary on group results.

Embed Case Studies

Present interactive case studies through the SkyBoard platform, get insights on treatment protocols, paradigms, HCP decision points, etc.

Create Live Interactions

Add live video or presentations at scheduled times within the SkyBoard event, and mix with discussions, surveys, Q&A etc. – any combination to suit your needs.

Load Preparatory Materials

Upload background documents/slides, plus external links to guidelines, papers, symposia, etc., as supporting references to support your SkyBoard event.

Manage The Discussion

Replicate the interactivity of a real face-to-face advisory process by adding new questions, conducting new polls, etc. - all in response to issues raised during the SkyBoard event itself.

Analyse Insights

Run reports in real-time, download participant comments and survey results at any point, get real-time alerts when your insights are shared.

Anonymise As Needed

Configure participant visibility to ensure it’s in line with event objectives and is compliant with your company policies. Complete anonymity to full visibility - it’s your call.

Empower Participants

Participants can monitor their progress and see what else they need to do in SkyBoard. They can also set alerts to get instant notifications when anyone else responds to their comment.

Use Cases

  • Synchro

    SkyBoard enables you to blend asynchronous and synchronous interaction within a single event to create the perfect mix.

  • Asynchronous

    SkyBoard is opened for a set period of time, e.g. 2 weeks. Participants log in at any timepoint during this period to answer questions, participate in discussion, take surveys, etc.

    HCPs/KOLs love being able to use SkyBoard on-the-go to fit around their busy schedules.

    Asynchronous engagements also allow the participants “thinking time” – to review content, digest information, postulate, and provide a considered response.

  • Synchronous

    During the SkyBoard event, host a live video meeting which requires all participants to be present at the same time.

    So you could have a Skyboard virtual advisory board that’s open for two weeks, and mixing synchronous live video events with asynchronous discussion.

    Advisory Board chairs/hosts can also schedule and invite others within the Skyboard event for live video meetings.

Next Gen

The benefits of virtual advisory boards in augmenting and replacing some face-to-face advisory discussion with KOLs are clear – lower cost, greater interactivity, synchronous and asynchronous content, no travel or logistical challenges, etc.

But there are many other ways in which SkyBoard can enhance digital interactions and engagements with KOLs and HCPs.

One Example: our co-creation functionality enables participants to go beyond just discussion and actually work together within SkyBoard to build a new management pathway, formulate a call-to-action document, or create an educational PowerPoint for frontline physicians in their local markets.


Skyboard is simply the technological platform (albeit a brilliant one!), so you’ll get all the support you need just like you would in a real advisory board, from medics, tech, and digital. Simply pick and choose the support structure you need to ensure your Skyboard event is a success.

Data Privacy

Zero-risk: it's how we roll. All we do is work with pharmaceutical companies, so we have significant experience in implementing appropriate data privacy models that meet the complex needs of legal/compliance teams. From multifactor authentication to electronic consent notices, we'll guide you on the safety, hosting, and security features which ensure that we are operating within a compliant environment - so your Data Privacy Officer can sleep very soundly at night.

("Although I seem to randomly bump into a lot of pharma DPOs at all-night discos", says Mike)


Part of the success of SkyBoard is dependent upon the participants having a productive experience.

We are often asked what KOLs think of SkyBoard – so we asked them exactly that! Here’s some of the things they had to say:

  • "Very interesting interface! Interesting platform indeed"
  • "I very much enjoyed…let me know of any future SkyBoards"
  • "Very nice platform. Enjoyed experience!"
  • "Very thoughtful questions"
  • "Thanks so much for inviting me. It was fun!"

And in terms of patients, in our most recent event, 100% of patients and 97% of caregivers said that they would love to participate in another SkyBoard event.

Want to see for yourself how SkyBoard can transform your virtual advisory boards and digital engagements?

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