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Looking for a transformational platform that can help you manage the entire HCP engagement process from end-to-end, from contract-to-pay? And one that’s built with the ‘HCP experience’ at its core? With Superfly E2E, you (and everyone else involved, including your HCPs) can control, manage, and execute everything that’s required across the entire HCP engagement process – from a single unified workflow. Let us take you on a mind-blowing journey…








With Superfly E2E, you can plan an HCP engagement, event, or collaboration, select the right HCPs, invite participants, check their conflicts, obtain activity & compliance approvals, complete cross-border mandates, get internal and government approval to use HCPs, initiate & execute digitised contracts, set & authorise FMV payment, manage service Caps, ensure data privacy & consent authorisation, report on Transfer of Value payments, check post-service completion, initiate invoicing and payments, and even set-up a real-time HCP portal.

And you can do all this through one single platform, one beautiful workflow, with the HCP experience at the heart of it all.

Now that’s pretty cool.

Superfly Family

  • Superfly – just one big happy family dedicated solely to awesome KOL management.
  • Superfly Core is our free-to-use, ready-to-go-straight-out-of-the-shiny-box KOL management solution that lets you do all the core things you need to do with your most important KOLs – quickly, easily, efficiently.
  • Superfly Pro is where you pick & choose from a suite of modular apps to build a bespoke, fully customisable & configurable KOL management solution geared exactly to your organisational needs – your own super Superfly.
  • Superfly E2E manages the entire end-to-end KOL/HCP workflow – needs assessments, HCP selection, digital contracting, FMV, service caps, cross-border approvals, in-service management, Transfer of Value, HCP portal, payments, and more. From contract-to-pay, it’s all taken care of.

Want to see for yourself how Superfly E2E can transform your HCP engagement workflow across the entire contract-to-pay process?

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