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Superfly CORE

Superfly CORE is our awesome, straight-out-of-the-shiny-box KOL management solution that’s engineered with just one purpose – to help you plan, manage, and track your work with your most important KOLs.

Key Features

Super Focused

Superfly can support every key step of the KOL management workflow – selection, proposed activity planning, actual activity tracking, and reporting. It can even automatically invite your selected KOLs to specific activities in the sequence you specify. That’s how cool it is

Super Simple

Easy to implement, easy to use, easy to configure. No instruction manuals, no lengthy training, no bloated complexity. Simply follow the intuitive workflows and start recording, managing, and tracking your work with Experts in seconds. Tick tock…

Super Fast

Ready-to-go, straight-out-of-the box, spin it up and be ready to rock in just 24 hours – yes, Superfly can get going that quickly. And we are sure your compliance team can as well. AWS, Azure, Rackspace, IBM Cloud, we work with all of them, so we can ensure the infrastructure is right for you.

Super Value

There is no cost to use Superfly CORE. No per-user fees, no per-country fees, no per-KOL fees. You only pay for any extra consultative services and any customised configurations beyond the CORE offering. You can also at any time add additional modules and boost up to the Superfly PRO offering.

Super Smart

From machine algorithms that recommend the right Experts for the right activities, to AI-led NLP that automatically tags your KOL insights with searchable key words, to customisable semi-automated workflows – machines are taking over. And Superfly is no exception.

Super Compliant

GDPR was the best thing that ever happened in our lives, no seriously. Given that all that we do every day is work with KOLs, our bodies are 60% water, 40% compliance. Our aim for our clients is to create a “zero-risk” environment. That’s why your compliance team will relish Superfly. We promise.

Super Comprehensive

Superfly can support every key step of the KOL management workflow – selection, proposed activity planning, actual activity tracking, and reporting. It can even automatically invite your selected KOLs to specific activities in the sequence you specify. That’s how cool it is.

Super Disruptive

Superfly rejects traditional KOL CRM characteristics – heavy, expensive, complicated, bloated, dull – and replaces it with a disruptive model that’s light, fast, easy, and agile. At a disruptive price point. Perfectly in line with the late Clayton Christensen’s original theory of disruptive innovation.

Super Loved

Thousands of medical and commercial users in over 80 countries love Superfly. And when did you last hear someone say that they love their KOL management tool? Exactly. (Unless of course there are already using Superfly, then they’ll be already feeling the love)

Super Man

This has nothing to do with Superfly, but Mike wanted to include it. Here you go. I hope you’re happy, Mike.

KOL Management

KOL Management is a broad term that, in our work, refers to the complete life cycle of identifying, mapping, segmenting, planning, engaging, and interacting with KOLs. From beginning to end.

In reality, KOL Management is a never-ending cycle — it’s an ongoing process that requires constant fine-tuning and midcourse corrections to ensure you are working with the right people, in the right way, at the right time, through the right initiatives.

We’ve been helping our clients with all this for nearly a decade now. And that’s what enables us to ensure that Superfly can help make your KOL management focussed, compliant, mutually beneficial, and of true scientific value.

Alleviating KOL Management Pains

We continuously hear the same ongoing pains that our clients experience when it comes to KOL management.

  • What have we got planned with our KOLs for the next quarter?
  • Which KOLs are working across multiple brands/indications for us?
  • How do we stop multiple people from our organisation reaching out to the same KOL?
  • My agency is organising KOL meetings, how do we all stay on the same page in real-time?
  • How do I stop others using a KOL because I need that KOL for an important forthcoming program, especially in line with payment caps?

It’s genuinely painful for us to hear such pains. And that’s why we built Superfly – to solve them all!

Key Functions

KOL Experience

We tend to focus on the pains of KOL management from the Pharma side. But what about the KOL side – what are the pains they experience when working with you?

Having worked solely with KOLs for several years, we often hear the same issues e.g. why can’t Pharma better coordinate how they contact me? Why can’t they stop asking me to attend meetings by two different teams at the same time? Why can’t they stop inviting me for things I have no relevance to, information that I’ve already shared with them? Why can’t I have a single portal where I can see everything that I’m doing with them?

That’s why our entire Superfly family is built to solve not just your pains, but also the pains that KOLs face.

Superfly Family

  • Superfly – just one big happy family dedicated solely to awesome KOL management.
  • Superfly CORE is our free-to-use, ready-to-go-straight-out-of-the-shiny-box KOL management solution that lets you do all the core things you need to do with your most important KOLs – quickly, easily, efficiently.
  • Superfly PRO is where you pick & choose from a suite of modular apps to build a bespoke, fully customisable & configurable KOL management solution geared exactly to your organisational needs – your own super Superfly.
  • Superfly E2E manages the entire end-to-end KOL/HCP workflow – needs assessments, HCP selection, digital contracting, FMV, service caps, cross-border approvals, in-service management, Transfer of Value, HCP portal, payments, and more. From contract-to-pay, it’s all taken care of.

System Analytic

Did someone in our company wake up one day and think “we should really boost the world of KOL management by creating some innovative tools”? Yes, yes we did. But that was several years ago!

Unlike other agencies who seem to offer hundreds of services and claim excellence in all of them (including churning out KOL tools on a regular basis that don’t really get anywhere for obvious reasons), System Analytic has been focused solely on the KOL engagement life-cycle.

It is quite literally all we do, all day, every day – and that gives us pretty good chance of being the best at it.

Super Awesome, Super Simple, Super Loved.It’s Superfly!

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