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Superfly PRO

Superfly PRO is a fully customisable & configurable platform where you pick & choose from a suite of modular apps to build a bespoke KOL management solution geared exactly to your organisational workflows.

KOL Management: Like a PRO

Think of Superfly PRO as a suite of awesome web-apps designed to support every step of the Expert Engagement Cycle. Simply select the apps you need and build your own perfect Superfly to precisely match the way you, your team, and your organisation works.

From a global team working with their most important stakeholders to an enterprise-wide implementation covering thousands of users in multiple countries – Superfly PRO is designed from the ground up to meet these exact needs.

That’s why the "PRO" in Superfly PRO is short for Preposterously Awesome. (This was the best suggestion that Mike came up with. Thanks, Mike)


Activity Tracking App

Track and record all your activities with Experts across all your different activity types. Build and maintain an organisational memory of every important KOL/HCP touchpoint. Control KOL engagements in line with organisational and data privacy policies.

Engagement Planning App

Create targeted, customised engagement plans for all your key Experts (and even Entities) with just a few clicks. Watch your plans come to life, track objectives versus actual outcomes and monitor and maintain all your KOL Engagement Plans from a central workspace.

Collaboration Preferences App

How do Experts want to work with you? What institutional restrictions do they have? What are their financial caps? What can and can’t they do with you? Create perfect engagement plans that take KOL preferences and needs into account.

Sentiment App

Capture Expert sentiment on key topics, e.g. drugs, disease, and data issues in real-time after every interaction. Segment Experts based on their sentiment, refine engagement plans in response and see how the 'needle' is changing over time.


The Global Speaker Request Management app centralises management of all 'cross-border' requests for Speakers and Experts using a single workflow used by all. Control and monitor the use of global Speakers by affiliates, ensuring correct KOL utilisation, and never exceed caps.

SuperFast App

Access all the most important features of Superfly – quickly & easily. Search for a KOL profile, record an interaction, update an activity – all in super-fast time. Ideally suited for supporting high-interaction environments such as congresses.

Event Management App

Coordinate & plan activities for largescale, KOL-dense events through a dedicated Superfly PRO App. From allocating individual venue rooms to daily agendas – solve the pain of congress KOL management.

Profiles App

Interactive, visual, curated profiles with real-time big data integration. Completely configurable and customisable – created with “your purpose” in mind. Profile data can support all the other Apps to help you find the right Expert for each activity.

Auto-invite App

See the KOLs that SuperSmart suggests for your needs, then select the three that you want. Specify the order you want, and then let ‘auto-invite’ invite the first using email templates with fields automatically populated from your interaction details. Then move onto the next one if the first KOL is unavailable.

Entity Management App

Track, plan, and record your work with entities – patient groups, trial centres, advocacy groups, professional bodies, etc. Automatically initiate push notifications to contact owners triggered by interactions and other events. Link Experts with entities, and vice versa.

Analytics App

A comprehensive reporting suite that integrates data from all apps thorough a visual, graphical, and intuitive “build-your-own” report wizard. Create a variety of report templates to suit all your stakeholders, and automatically run and share them at pre-scheduled intervals.


The ability to configure and customise Superfly PRO to your heart’s content is one of the things that sets Superfly PRO apart. This means that you don’t have to change your way of working just to suit us!

  • Create and manage powerful field-dependant firewalls between medical and commercial functions
  • A comprehensive permission matrix enables you to control visibility, access and functions across the entire platform by product, indication, team, country, region, or global HQ
  • Advanced data privacy controls enable you to do things like limit profile & interaction data about a KOL in country A when viewed by a user in country B.

These are just some of the configurations and customisability options that enable you to build a Superfly PRO that’s perfectly suited to your organisational needs.

KOL Management Workflow

Workflows are more than just about controlling “how to do XYZ” – they enable you to guide your team on how best to select, engage, and interact with KOLs in line with organisational best practices and policies.

A simple “notification” workflow might involve assigning key contacts to each KOL (including different contacts from different functions) and setting up automated alerts so that those contacts are aware when key interactions or events have occurred with their KOLs.

An advanced “control” workflow might involve a process for requesting, assessing, and approving the use of a KOL for a specific event – a workflow that’s used by everyone in your organisation who works with KOLs.

When used well, “workflows” can give you a tangible competitive advantage in your KOL engagements. And Superfly PRO enables you to set up a multitude of such workflows and build them into the genome of your solution.


By ‘integrative’ we don’t mean the branch of psychotherapy that combines different therapeutic tools from different schools of theory to create a more inclusive treatment modality. We mean all apps within the Superfly suite integrate perfectly with each other (Mike asked to make this point super clear as he got confused. Thanks Mike).

This integrative approach also extends to the rest of our family of digital solutions. So, you can plan an engagement with a group of KOLs in Superfly, then run a Virtual Ad Board with those KOLs (using our SkyBoard platform) from within Superfly. You can also capture any insights from the engagement, while confirming approval for the use of an important KOL as a Speaker as requested by your LATAM affiliate for a forthcoming conference, having quickly analysed the KOL’s collaboration preferences, caps limitations, and utilisation values of course.

Integration that’s verging on the therapeutic.


We think Superfly is great, but like any system, its success is dependent on people using it, and doing so in the right way! We, therefore, have a range of implementation & support services to help ensure the success of Superfly.

Enterprise KOL Management


When it comes to KOL tracking and engagement, commercial teams often have different requirements compared to medical teams.

The modular nature of Superfly PRO means that commercial teams can quickly put together a Superfly that is specifically geared to their needs.

For example, your focus on the commercial side may be more on insight recording and real-time sentiment tracking and messaging, as opposed to purely interaction management.

Likewise, the profiles you need may be very different compared to the medical profiles, which typically do not integrate prescription or claims data.

  • Commercial

  • Medical


Find the right experts, create engagement plans, initiate your engagements, track your engagements, report your outcomes, audit your work. Then, relax confident in the knowledge that you have used Superfly PRO to build, configure, and customise a powerful, compliant, cost-effective KOL management platform that can grow and meet every need you may ever have.

You can now take the time to feel the warm blue waters of the crystal-clear sea gently lapping against your feet while the distant sound of a ripe coconut falling onto the sand echoes in tune with the cool sea breeze. (Or just go to a disco, says Mike).

KOL Management

KOL Management is a broad term that, in our work, refers to the complete life cycle of identifying, mapping, segmenting, planning, engaging, and interacting with KOLs. From beginning to end.

In reality, KOL Management is a never-ending cycle. It’s an ongoing process that requires constant fine-tuning and midcourse corrections to ensure you are working with the right people, in the right way, at the right time, through the right initiatives.

We’ve been helping our clients with all this for nearly a decade now. And that’s what enables us to ensure that Superfly can help make your KOL management focussed, compliant, mutually beneficial, and of real scientific value.

Superfly Family

  • Superfly – just one big happy family dedicated solely to awesome KOL management.
  • Superfly CORE is our free-to-use, ready-to-go-straight-out-of-the-shiny-box KOL management solution that lets you do all the core things you need to do with your most important KOLs – quickly, easily, efficiently.
  • Superfly PRO is where you pick & choose from a suite of modular apps to build a bespoke, fully customisable & configurable KOL management solution geared exactly to your organisational needs – your own super Superfly.
  • Superfly E2E manages the entire end-to-end KOL/HCP workflow – needs assessments, HCP selection, digital contracting, FMV, service caps, cross-border approvals, in-service management, Transfer of Value, HCP portal, payments, and more. From contract-to-pay, it’s all taken care of.

System Analytic

Did someone in our company wake up one day and think “we should really boost the world of KOL management by creating some innovative tools”? Yes, yes, we did. But that was several years ago!

When it comes to KOL management, we appreciate that every client has very different workflows, processes, and protocols for engaging with the most important people in their world. And yet all our clients often suffer from a common set of core pains, often exacerbated by the tension between global requirements and local nuances.

We designed Superfly PRO to marry all these different conflicting requirements and directions, through a single universal solution – but something that’s still good enough to fall in love with.

Super Awesome, Super Simple, Super Loved.It’s Superfly!

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