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Insights, whether they be

MSL insights

from the field or

Medical Affairs insights

, are a goldmine of knowledge. But how do you mine that gold? How do you prioritise and categorise insights? How do you ensure your MSL insights and

medical insights

are actually acted upon? How do you fully harness the value of insights as a critical currency of MSL and

Medical Affairs


X-Fly is the most comprehensive, compliant, and innovative MSL and

medical insights

management platform there is – created and built specifically to help you mine that gold!

Field & Medical Affairs Insights

Maximising the value that

MSL and medical insights

can bring involves addressing every step of the

insights workflow

– capturing, approving, tagging, prioritising, escalating, analysing, reporting, and finally, acting on those insights.

And from an organisational context, transforming the process around insights is essential to maximising their value – creating a ‘consistent way to do things’ across teams, countries, and languages. Supporting the needs of all stakeholders from MSLs to managers, and across all functions from

Field Medicine to Medical Affairs

, will ensure that the value of your insights are felt across your entire organisation.
Within one single platform,


enables you to address and support all these different objectives and requirements.

Insight Workflow

Insight Analytics

Unify Field & Medical Insights

Customise Insights




The X-Fly CORE platform is a free-to-use, focused, read-to-go-straight-out-of-the-box offering with core functionality to support all the steps of the Insights workflow – capture Insights, manage approvals, prioritise Insights, run reports.

It comes with minimal configuration options and certain user limitations and is therefore ideally suited for small, focused teams, or for larger organisations wanting to try a step-by-step approach along their Insight transformational journey with X-Fly.

That’s why the X-Fly CORE platform is free-to-use. You only pay for any additional consultative and support services that you may require. You can also at any point expand the platform through a host of modules and add-ons and gear up to the X-Fly PRO level.


The X-Fly PRO platform is a highly configurable and customisable offering where you pick and choose from a suite of modules and add-on to build a bespoke X-Fly Insight management solution geared exactly to your organisational workflows.

From real-time CRM integration to advanced machine learning capabilities, from advanced Insight reporting tools to multi-level organisational workflows, from translation APIs to an enterprise-wide instance supporting 60 countries – X-Fly PRO can meet every need.

You only pay for the additional modules, add-ons, and support services that you require, so you can continue to build and innovate as your needs change and evolve.


“How can we be sure that the system we implement is as awesome as we want it to be?”

Instead of the same old testimonial rhetoric, we asked our clients to sum up their view of X-Fly in just one word (or an emoji!). This was the response.


X-Fly helps you maximise the value of the currency that is ‘insights’, and in doing so it can help achieve all your objectives:

  • for collection-to-action from days (or even weeks) to just minutes.
  • Ensure you never miss an important insight

    by ensuring insights are escalated, managed, and acted upon instantly.
  • Integrate all stakeholders

    by having one single platform which everyone can use to manage their part of the insights process.
  • whether they be MSL insights, medical insights, medical information, or just KOL observations.
  • to insights by creating best-practices to capture, categorise, prioritise, escalate, analyse, and report.
  • solution that can support a handful of users or an entire global organisation covering multiple countries, languages, and indications.

Insights are a goldmine of knowledge. See for yourself how X-Fly can help mine that gold with gusto!

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