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You spend a significant amount of time and money creating important publications, abstracts, posters, and other data communications. But how many HCPs will actually read and engage with all this content? Our proposition for this hard-to-engage group: instead of reading the full paper, why don’t you just watch it on your phone instead?!


Headline Videos are short-form (90 seconds), graphical, to-the-point, explainer-style videos that communicate a selected number of key messages from your publication or abstract through a Q&A format.

Everything about the Headline Video is designed specifically for smartphone use – perfectly in line with today’s content consumption habits.

They are easy to create, easy to distribute, and easy to consume.

(As our Mike put it: “Reading is always a good hashtag, but sometimes watching the key points about something, whatever, I seldom care, on my phone while having a gin is too easy”. Thanks, Mike. Crystal clear.)


By “video” we don’t mean the usual ones that are enormously expensive and take months to create. That’s partly because Headline Videos are created (mostly) by a machine.

Unlike traditional

video abstracts, enhanced abstracts, or publication videos

, Headline Videos are created semi-automatically using predesigned templates and set scenes that stitch together, with some machine intelligence.

There is, of course, Medical Writer input and oversight to ensure the accuracy of key message content which always references the original publication, thus aiding compliance with no new interpretations of data.

All done at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional videos.


Important Subject Matter Experts and the top KOLs are not always the target audience for Headline Videos. Chances are that these people would have read your paper in full and may even be presenting content about it!

The target audience is the “long tail” – the mass of primary care physicians, front-line specialists, nurses, etc. – who are unlikely to have read or engaged with your publication in full.

For example, you’ve got a milestone diabetes publication coming out. Headline Videos are specifically designed for the large number of HCPs who won’t read the full original paper, but who see diabetes patients every day in their practice.

Headline Videos are a very specific and focussed solution, but for a very large audience!

(“Error, like Gin?” asks Mike. Yes, Mike, thank you.)


Headline Videos are quick to produce, cost-effective, and engaging in their visuals and graphics. They rely on a specific fixed format to present key messages in a pre-defined video sequence.

Apart from the actual key message content and some accompanying graphics, there are a few additional things you can customise to fit the needs of your various audiences.

For example, Headline Videos can be translated into multiple languages with ease, enhanced with your own programme branding, and can also accommodate any voiceover.


Headline Videos are stand-alone content bites, specifically designed for the rapid communication of the key content of a publication, abstract, or poster. They don’t just accompany the paper; they are the key points of the paper.

They are, therefore, the perfect package to push out aggressively through every digital channel you want! YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medscape, Instagram, your company websites, your product websites, QR Codes at congresses, online adverts, HCP email campaigns, even add a link to it in your email signature.

The same core Headline Video can be repurposed for a variety of activities, from educational to commercial.

(“Error, like gin?” asks Mike. Yes Mike, thank you, again.)


Headline Videos can get across selected key messages of your abstract or data publication to the HCP masses through an engaging medium.

But Headline Videos work best when they are short and punchy! So, it’s often worthwhile to split the messages of a single important publication or abstract into multiple small Headline Videos, each with its own focus, each still retaining its power to engage.

All the videos can be produced at the same time, but the distribution to your target audiences can be staggered and controlled. The result is a powerful campaign of co-ordinated, key-message led, data-driven, bite-sized video content ready to engage your audience through digital channels.


For over a decade now, we’ve been working with our clients to help them identify, understand, and engage the most important people in their world.

We have a number of digital innovations specifically around engagement, e.g. the SkyBoard virtual advisory board platform, the Cluster app to keep micro-communities of HCPs that share a common content connected together, and the Spectacle platform which uses video with embedded surveys to engage HCP’s.

Headline Videos fall squarely within the “engage” bucket. There’s no question they help you engage!

Why read a publication when you can just watch it on your phone instead? And why dream about what a Headline Video looks like when you can just watch one instead?!

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