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‘Changing the needle’ amongst your KOLs is a positive side-effect of a collaborative KOL strategy, regardless of function.

Measuring and tracking the level of advocacy and assessing exactly how you are changing the needle amongst your KOLs is of importance to help ensure effective engagement.

Our Advocacy Engine uses three different measurement lenses — sentiment, mindset, scientific messaging — to help you measure and track advocacy in near-real-time.

Together these lenses take into account three different viewpoints, including the view of KOLs themselves, to give you an accurate and holistic measure of advocacy and sentiment amongst your KOLs.

Such data can then be used to guide your engagement, including identifying experts who would benefit from additional engagements on specific scientific messages and data.

Eventually, with enough cycles, you can get to an n=1 state where rich advocacy & sentiment data can help you decide which experts to engage, what activities to involve them in, and even the flow of scientific content to each KOL.

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