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It’s not uncommon for our clients to be drowning in KOL data, overwhelmed with a plethora of information coming at them from many different internal and external systems and data repositories. Integration between every internal and external KOL system and platform used within your organisation is not necessarily a cost-effective or practical way forward.

Hyperfly uses a light-touch ‘systems inclusion’ model to help integrate all your internal KOL knowledge and present the user with a central dashboard on each KOL comprising of selective data points from all the different client systems and data repositories — enough to give your users a rapid yet comprehensive view of everything to do with a particular KOL.

Hyperfly enables you to consume all your internal and external data in the context of your KOLs, through in a single, referenceable, compliant source-of-truth application — available at the touch of a button on your mobile device. So now you can see everything your organisation holds about a KOL, just before you’re about to meet them at a Congress.

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