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X-Fly: The Best Insights
Management Platform In The World

  • Insights, whether they be from MSLs or Medical Affairs, are a goldmine of knowledge
  • But how do you mine that gold? How do you prioritise and categorise insights? How do you ensure your insights are actually acted upon?
  • X-Fly is the most comprehensive, compliant, and creative insights management platform there is – created and built specifically to help you mine that gold!
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Capture Insights

Capture insights from all your HCP/KOL interactions in real-time and never miss a valuable insight again!

  • Capture free text insights (unguided, unprompted)
  • Capture survey-led insights (prompted, guided)
  • Mix & match free-text and survey insights from the same HCP interaction
  • Capture multiple insights from a single interaction
  • Online and offline capture capabilities
  • Save insights in draft mode to complete later
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM, including Veeva

Manage Approval

Create 'insight approval' workflows to match your exact needs – global, national or regional approval, X-Fly can manage it all!

  • Automatically port captured/submitted insights to the right Manager for approval at each workflow step
  • Add additional tags, prioritise insights, escalate insights, and approve insights that will then go ‘live’
  • Increase the coupling between those that capture insights and those that analyse/approve – instant feedback to and from MSLs
  • Create specific approval workflows for specific MSLs, e.g. new MSLs who need extra support, those that are still in training, etc.
  • Automate monitoring of insights for AE keywords – X-Fly will trigger relevant workflows and alerts when AE words or phrases are detected

Prioritise Insights

Add value, context, and meaning to the 'raw insight' – starting at the point of collection itself!

  • Prioritise and escalate your most important insights instantly
  • Label insights based on strategic issues or key topics of interest
  • Add comments, images, or videos to any insight – your own 'insights about the insight'
  • Comment on other peoples’ insights to share your knowledge
  • Change your scoring system as your needs evolve – keep it live
  • Cater for local markets while still having a global unified view

Analyse Insights

Analyse to your heart's content, slice & dice any way you want, and create customised reports for all your stakeholders!

  • Run real-time analytics on insights as soon as they come in
  • Analyse by date, location, theme, content, tag, priority, and many other variables.
  • See trends over time based on keywords, tags, geomapping, and other metrics
  • Create customised, interactive, graphical reports
  • Drag & drop analytic components to customise any report in minutes
  • Manage and customise reports for multiple stakeholders
  • Automate the process of regular reports, e.g. monthly reports using the same template

Mine Insights

Apply the power of machine learning and natural language processing to unearth new insights about your insights!

  • Automatically tag insights as they come in using NLP/AI engines in X-Fly
  • Enhance and train the machine to improve specificity over time
  • Activate automated text mining to look for new words, semantics, etc.
  • Identify & track ‘similar insights’ that only a machine may be able to pick up
  • Keep your machine learnings exclusive to your organisation only
  • Integrate AI technology from IBM Watson, Stanford, open source Python, and others
  • Use front-end and back-end interface tools to help X-Fly learn from your insights
  • Work co-operatively with intelligent AI in integrated workflows to maximise insight value

Socialise Insights

Get your insights seen, get them heard, and get them actioned – X-Fly is the most social insights platform there is!

  • Prioritise important insights based on relevance & consequence
  • Instantly alert others that you too have ‘seen this insight before’
  • Distinguish recurring themes from genuinely 'new' insights
  • Upvote/downvote insights across several parameters
  • Send insights to a dedicated MSL insights discussion group
  • Get a ping when anyone submits an insight that matches your alert criteria
  • Connect instantly with insight submitters to discuss and debate an insight

Translate Insights

What happens when you are capturing insights across the globe in at least six different languages? X-fly gives you seamless translation, on-the-fly!

  • Translate non-English insights into English in real-time
  • Create an English-language repository of all insights for global analysis and reporting
  • Integrate with Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft translation tool APIs
  • Use multiple tools simultaneously to see which tool best suits your needs
  • Combine initial automated translation with additional manual oversight
  • Mix & and match human and machine translations in a single workflow

Action Insights

Dramatically cut the collection-to-action cycle time from days (or even weeks) to just minutes!

  • Take advantage of additional Medical/CMO services to help you action the insights that matter
  • Get medical writer-led analysis of insights, themes and trends, all reported in summary
  • Send/receive actionable recommendations, e.g. additional questions that MSLs should ask further
  • Develop and refine customised KOL/HCP engagement plans in response to insights
  • Provide support to MSL teams with insight-driven services, e.g. sentiment benchmarking of beliefs, identifying new Experts

Configure Everything

Take X-Fly straight out of the box, and then customise & control everything for everyone!

  • Implement National + Regional + Global user teams with ease
  • Set-up X-Fly to support multiple indications, countries, and teams
  • Introduce management and global oversight workflows for any structure
  • Ensure data controls (privacy, access, consent, etc.) across the process
  • Customise your per-user dashboard to manage your analytics workflow
  • Customise all the above by TA, country, even an individual MSL!

Embrace Privacy

Create a zero-risk environment and eliminate compliance worries with X-Fly workflows and controls!

  • Associate (and dis-associate) insights with an HCP depending on local Data Privacy (DP) requirements
  • Automatically activate DP controls based on location of capture, context of capture, and other variables
  • Create customised DP workflows geared to specific teams, indications, even specific MSLs
  • Cater for the ‘global MSLs’ collecting insights from many different conferences in many different countries
  • Change DP-led workflow rules instantly to stay future-proof – as more countries adapt DP regulatory requirements

Share Data

It’s your data in X-Fly – so use it, share it, and export it to wherever you need it!

  • Set up scheduled exports of raw insight data or the advanced analytics
  • Port into your tools/data-warehouse/data-lake
  • Use base analytics data to power your external BI reporting suite
  • Power third party visualisation tools with insight analytics
  • Integrate analytics with medical information and other sources

Unify Insights

When you discuss issues with a KOL at an advisory board, what do you capture? Insights, of course!

  • Capture insights from advisory boards, congress interactions, scientific exchange, medical information requests
  • Seamlessly integrate insights from all such sources into a single X-Fly platform
  • Use out-of-the box workflows to manage multi-source insights in a unified manner
  • Create a standardised tagging and prioritising process for all insights
  • Visualise and analyse insights as a whole, regardless of the source

Believe Them

Instead of the same old testimonial rhetoric, we asked our clients to sum up their view of X-Fly in just one word (or an emoji)!

(We are of course happy to share with you references and the providers of all the above responses so you can even speak to them directly about the brilliance of X-Fly)


Is X-Fly the best field insights management platform in the world?

We certainly think so. (And so do our clients)
And all you need to do to assess this claim is see X-Fly in action.

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